About us

Think2buy, founded in 2016, believes in objective and sincere reviews that will help any consumer, make the optimal purchase. Our experts work all day long testing products and services of your potential interest to ensure that you buy a product you need with full confidence.

Who We Are

Each staff member is a specialist in a category. What does this mean? Competency to the utmost degree without any of the fluff. Looking for a new smartphone? No problem. Our smartphone writers are experts in the field, and cover everything from cheap budget phones, to smartphones including Apple’s iPhone and the wide assortment of android phones, such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. Need a new security system (and with that a piece of mind for your family)? We’ll tell you which Home Security System is best and why.

Our Honesty Pledge

We’ll never suggest a product or a service simply because of fancy advertising, big budgets or brand names. In fact, we discard all of the aforementioned and get down to brass tacks; we’ll tell you if the product does what is promises and if it does it well. To that end, our team of writers won’t rest until they’ve answered your product questions, so never hesitate to contact us.

How We Review Products

Our staff of expert writers approach reviews with a two prong approach: through exhaustive research and actual hands on time with the product (or service) in question (when so allowed). This means products are either loaned to the us, or we purchase the product or service using our own money. In either instance, we’re committed to evaluating goods and services in real world terms.

Types of Content

At Think2buy we realize it’s never a question of one product or one review. Because of that our editorial staff develops content that includes, but isn’t limited to: hands on reviews, comparisons (ex. DISH vs DirecTV) and best of lists (ex. 8 of the Best Budgeting Software Apps for Mac). And if that isn’t enough, we also develop our own in-house comparison charts, which will help you cut through the clutter and get you to your product in minutes, not hours.